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Focal Upright Active Seats & Stools

Focal Upright offers a unique line of leaning seats, that break the mold of traditional ergonomics, to create movement and posture that truly help you feel human again.  The standard ergonomic chair puts your hips at a 90º angle, which causes your hips and hamstrings to tighten over time, and ultimately leads to chronic back pain and injury.  It's no wonder so many of us suffer from back pain!  Thankfully, Focal seats are designed to keep you upright with your hips open at a 135º angle, which helps keep your body's musculature in proper balance, improves posture, and keeps your spine in health alignment.  Focal stools are also designed to pivot and move, which keeps your body active and engaged while sitting.

Compare Focal Seat Options:

Focal Upright Locus Seat
Focal Upright Locus Seat in Citrus

Seat tilt adjustment
Built-in footrest & anti-fatigue mat

Focal Upright Mobis II Seat
Focal Upright Mobis II Seat in blue

Ultra safe and stable
... and keeps you moving

Focal Upright Pivot Seat
Focal Upright Pivot Seat in black

Best for maximum movement
Can swivel 360º

*We strongly recommend that you pair the Mobis seat or Pivot seat with a foot rest and anti-fatigue mat

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