Eureka Standing Desks

Eureka Ergonomic Standing Desks and Ergonomic Solutions

Eureka Ergonomic manufactures standing desks, standing desk converters and ergonomic chairs with unmatched precision and quality - all with the goal in mind of keeping your body moving and healthy.  While much of the industry has moved toward low cost/low quality manufacturing, Eureka has has gone in the opposite direction, producing sit to stand products that are smooth, stable and built to last for several years.

Eureka Standing Desk Converters

Unlike many of the "other" desk risers out there, the Eureka Standing Desk Converters are built with little or no shaking or wobbling.  Their unique lifting system makes raising and lowering the Eureka Desk Risers extremely easy and quiet - while also allowing you an infinite number of adjustments between top and bottom.  All Eureka desks come with a 3 year warranty.
    • Ultra-smooth adjustment - no "sticky" spots 
    • No wobbling or shaking
    • Infinite height positions
    • 100% whisper quiet
    • Built like tanks!

Eureka standing desk spotlight:

    Eureka Sit-Stand Desktop 26" Standing Desk Converter Bronze with 2 monitors

    Eureka Sit-Stand Desktop 36" - Standing Desk Converter

    The Eureka 36 desk riser is built to support 2 monitors (24" or smaller), and still offer enough space for notes, phones, tablets... even a cup of coffee.  And the Keyboard tray works perfectly with the U-shaped top, so you can fit your laptop, in place of a keyboard.